Seagulls at New Brighton, Liverpool


“You shouldn’t have said that, Geoff.”

I took these photographs recently at New Brighton, Liverpool, England.



Elephants. True or False?


1. Elephants are vegetarians.

2. Elephants support unilateral nuclear disarmament

3. Male elephants leave their family groups when they reach puberty to live alone or with other males.


4. Elephants are the only mammals able to kneel on all fours except Nick Clegg.

5. Elephants communicate by touch, sight, smell and sound but over long distances they use infrasound, seismic forms of communication, and texting.

6. Elephants  appear to have self-awareness and show empathy for dying or dead individuals of their kind, unlike the current UK Government.

8. Elephants’ sense of smell may be four times as sensitive as that of a bloodhound.  Unlike bloodhounds, however, they are rarely called Fido.

9. Elephants can suffer from floppy trunk syndrome which is a condition of trunk paralysis occuring  in African bush elephants. It can happen to the best of us.

10. The brain of an elephant weighs 10–12 lb compared to 4 lb for a human brain!! Durrrrr!


Evil Seagulls

DSCN0084Is it just me or are seagulls a bit scary? They look sinister (always frowning!) and they sound even sinister-er…er. Apparently most of them are ground-nesting carnivores and will take live food or scavenge whenever they get the chance. They’ll snatch an ice cream cone right out of your hand and who’s to say they wouldn’t snatch your child too?!


Gulls have prophylactic un-hinging jaws which allow them to consume large prey. Yes, could definitely manage a small child.  They can display mobbing behaviour; attacking and harassing would-be predators and other intruders. Certain species  have exhibited tool-use behaviour, using pieces of bread as bait with which to catch fish, for example.DSCN0083

They are ‘klepto-parasites’ which means they get their food by stealing it from others. That’s a name worthy of a Doctor Who nasty for sure; Invasion of the Kleptoparasites? …it will happen. Gulls have been observed preying on live whales, landing on the whale as it surfaces to peck out pieces of flesh. DSCN0082In their favour you could say that gulls are resourceful, inquisitive and intelligent birds, demonstrating complex methods of communication and a highly developed social structure. On the other hand… have you noticed how, whenever you look at one, it’s always looking straight back at you? Be afraid.



Fathers Day Squirrel Massacre

Spent the afternoon at Castle Park, Frodsham, Cheshire with Hannah and about a million squirrels. They are amazingly tame and came right up to us to take nuts. When one of them came up to me and asked could he borrow the car for an hour I thought it was taking things a bit far. Later, Hannah and I went to pick up Alice and Bunnie from Auntie Jo’s. I had a great Fathers Day; received lovely cards, wine gums, Frankie Boyle’s book, a Zippy from Rainbow keyring and a cuddly rabbit. I do think Fathers Day is a cynical and overly commercial con on the part of card and gift manufacturers but if I hadn’t got any cards or gifts I would have assumed the foetal position and wept silently until my head collapsed.