Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’; The Return

I shot this video in the town where I live a few weeks ago.  The birds are back… and this time it’s personal.




I took these photographs of Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. It gulps down 195 million litres of water every day from the River Mersey. As a kid I always thought that the vast chimneys were pumping out poison which would inevitably kill us all. In fact they pump out only steam. In 1984 one of the eight chimneys collapsed due to high winds apparently, but was rebuilt. Why was I not notified?!!





The Same Spot Almost a Century Later



So it’s true that some things don’t change? The two photos above show the exact same spot from as near to the same angle as I could get. I don’t know who took the first one but it was taken not far off 100 years ago! The second photo was taken by me, last week. As you can see, there’s very little difference between the two. The main changes can be seen in the objects around the building which is a pub near to where I live; on the old picture there’s a beautiful old car parked outside whereas on the modern one there’s…. wheelie bins.

Hot Foot

Summer has arrived in England. Many people are not wearing shirts especially old men with light blue moobs. People are going to the shops wearing red nylon shorts that they usually wear to bed. Some have rooted around in the suitcase on top of the wardrobe and dug out dusty, orange, toe post flip flops. Most of us will sit out in the garden sweating like pigs and gasping. Can’t wait to eat some uncooked sausages off the barbie later.