Stories or Chapters?

‘I initially wrote these as separate stories for children age 8-13 but found that, even though most of the stories can be read independently, there was a definite plot progression which meant that they were best read in a particular order. So it may be that the stories end up being called chapters or maybe I’ll just have a list of titles. Anyway, here’s the stories/chapters/titles in the correct order.’ JK


  1. Evil Seagulls
  2. Susan Shocks
  3. Bad Television
  4. Talk Talk
  5. Inside the Machine
  6. Ice Scream
  7. The Happysad

Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’; The Return

I shot this video in the town where I live a few weeks ago. ┬áThe birds are back… and this time it’s personal.

100 YEARS LATER: Time Travelling Pub


The photo above was taken about 100 years ago. The photo below was taken last month by me. They both show the same place taken from as near to the same angle as I could get. The Barley Mow is a pub in my home town of Runcorn, Cheshire, England.


Then and Now



Here’s another one of my now and then photos. The first shot is of Waterloo Road in Runcorn, my home town. The second is taken by me and shows the same spot from as near to the same angle as I could get, 100 years later. Lots of deterioration is evident in this comparison. This part of the town has struggled in recent years and there are plenty of boarded-up windows visible nowadays. The building on the right was a community centre. The community ended.

The Same Spot Almost a Century Later



So it’s true that some things don’t change? The two photos above show the exact same spot from as near to the same angle as I could get. I don’t know who took the first one but it was taken not far off 100 years ago! The second photo was taken by me, last week. As you can see, there’s very little difference between the two. The main changes can be seen in the objects around the building which is a pub near to where I live; on the old picture there’s a beautiful old car parked outside whereas on the modern one there’s…. wheelie bins.

Me with a Liver Bird


Those iconic birds on top of the Liver Building on Liverpool’s waterfront look quite small from ground level. I climbed onto the roof to find out exactly what size they really are. It was a tricky climb; my suction boots were certainly put to the test. So now we all know how big the Liver Birds are compared to me. Wait, though…. You don’t know how big I am!