Autumn Missed


Autumn looks amazing because of the colours but I can’t seem to capture it very well on camera. It looks stunning when you’re there and you think your shots are going to be great but when you get home and look at them they’re always much less stunning than the reality. Anyway these are my attempts.


It’s not always raining in Manchester

Took this yesterday in the top car park of the Trafford Centre to prove that the sun does go to Manchester. It rained after I took this.

Ice Pics

Here in the North West of England we got the first snow of the season today so I took a few pics. It’s night now and the snow has stopped but I can hear cars crunching on the road outside the front window so I reckon it must have frozen. I love snow but I don’t like the cold. I was meant to be living and working in the Bahamas but there was a terrible mix-up!




It’s freezing cold and wet here in England now but it’s also occasionally sunny so we seem to be getting unusually frequent rainbows. Here’s one I photographed above the football pitch. By the way, how hard is it to get a rainbow to show up on a photograph?!!

My view of Crosby beach, near Liverpool, England

Stormy Weather

We went to Crosby Beach near Liverpool in the hope of seeing Anthony Gormley’s Another Place figures but the weather was just too stormy and the tide was fully in. The wind was really strong and was lashing waves up onto the walkways. It turned out to be the perfect time to be near the coast because it was actually spectacular. I was more irritated than ever to have no decent camera with which to take pictures. I took a couple of crummy ones with my phone which I’ve altered to try and make half decent but they couldn’t come close to capturing how amazing the stormy sea looked. Then my phone decided to run out of power. I wanted to skim it across the water!

In spite of the strong winds coming straight off the sea we got out of the car to go for a walk across the sand dunes. It would have been great except that I had no hat and had forgotten my scarf so that within ten minutes my ears had turned bright red and my head was throbbing with pain. So we turned back and went to the World Museum in the centre of Liverpool instead. Which I also did not get any photos of.

Summer has been dispatched

I noticed that it’s actually a bit daylight at five o’clock when I’m coming home from work. The above photo was taken in Widnes, Cheshire, North West England, UK, The World, The Solar System, The Universe (that’s on Kingsway just before the roundabout, about 300 yards from Saturn). Last week it was pitch black at that time (or as my 3-year-old daughter Alice calls it ‘peach black’). This means that Summer has been dispatched and is somewhere in transit. Can’t wait. How’s things where you live?


Breaking News: everything’s still the same.

Its still misty here in North West UK. I took this photo earlier and its thickened up since then. Looks nicer but it’s horrible to drive in. Hard to take photos of fog too because you end up with a square piece of white. It’s gone colder too. Also, I’ve become more obsessed with the weather. Right, I’ll get a grip now.