New Cat is No Scruff


We have someone new in the house. Sheila the cat  is now a permanent resident. When she originally came to us she was called Scruff but you’ve never seen a cat who is less of a scruff; she’s actually smooth and silky. So she’s now called Sheila.

When I was a kid I had a dog so I’m not experienced with cats. I love animals but I’d never choose to have a pet (I was outvoted in this case). Dogs and cats only really live for 10 to 15 years which is just enough time for you to grow to totally love them as one of the family before they cruelly die on you and leave you a sobbing, traumatised wreck. Why would I volunteer for that? Plus there’s the cleaning up of the crap.



I shot the cat.

We’ve been looking after a kitten this week. I don’t usually post cutesy pictures of cats in fact those kind of pictures mostly make me want to kill myself but Tabby  (I would have picked the name ‘Alan’) has turned out to be so completely adorable that I had to get my camera out. So here are the photos. I promise I will never, ever get this cutesy again.

My new YouTube channel

I started a YouTube channel purely for uploading videos. Probably it’ll mostly be videos of friends and family; things and people that I manage to see most days in spite of my really bad eyesight. The videos might be a bit funny too I suppose. Here’s the link





Sunset 3.45pm

A lot of people hate early sunsets but I quite like them. So long as you’ve got somewhere warm and welcoming to go its quite nice drawing the curtains and settling in for the night. I’m sure that view would not be shared by the homeless or, as we used to call them in the 70s, tramps. Now is the time of year to get out your quilted sleep suit (basically a duvet with arms and legs) or, if you’re over 60 a candlewick bedspread. Each member of the family should have one of these and they should be worn in such a way as only a person’s nose is visible. Huddled together you can enjoy looking like a flock of obese flamingos.

Here in North West UK the sun went down at 3.45pm today and won’t rise tomorrow until about 8.15am. I’d quite like to be allowed to hibernate during the Winter months. A cardboard box full of straw and punched with air holes would do the job; the sort of thing they used to put the tortoises in on Blue Peter. Of course these days the box would have to have WiFi.


Dirty Harry

We are currently mouse sitting Harry the Hamster (above). He needs cleaning every few days and likes to come out of his cage for a run around each night. Unfortunately he likes to run upstairs and pull out the carpet from under the bathroom door with his teeth. I don’t usually see the attraction to keeping animals like hamsters and rabbits as pets. If I was going to have a pet I’d choose one which would give me unlimited amounts of misplaced adoration and brainless affection like a dog or a footballer’s wife. But Harry and I have really bonded. Have to end this entry now; me and Harry are just about to phone for pizzas. I’m having chicken and sweetcorn; Harry’s having… Freddie Starr.

Cat on the Mat

The cat who lives across the road tried to charm her way into our house tonight. She was very plausible to start with but I noticed that she had brought two small suitcases with her. Soon afterwards she was sitting in the living room with her feet up on the coffee table, flicking through the Radio Times. Nothing would shift her. In the end we had to put Dogs Do The Funniest Things on TV before she’d leave. And three packets of fish fingers were missing from the freezer.