Seagulls at New Brighton, Liverpool


“You shouldn’t have said that, Geoff.”

I took these photographs recently at New Brighton, Liverpool, England.



Me with a Liver Bird


Those iconic birds on top of the Liver Building on Liverpool’s waterfront look quite small from ground level. I climbed onto the roof to find out exactly what size they really are. It was a tricky climb; my suction boots were certainly put to the test. So now we all know how big the Liver Birds are compared to me. Wait, though…. You don’t know how big I am!

Liverpool’s High Ten



I took these photos of the Liverpool skyline from New Brighton today. You can pick out many of the ten tallest buildings listed here.


1 West Tower
(Beetham West Tower)
2 Radio City Tower
(St. John’s Beacon, St. John’s Tower)
3 Liverpool Cathedral
(Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool, Anglican Cathedral)
4= Beetham Tower  
4= Royal Liver Building
(The Liver Building, Royal Liver Assurance)
6 Alexandra Tower
7 Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
(Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King)
8 Unity Residential
9 New Hall Place
(The Capital, Royal & SunAlliance Building)
10= 1 Princes Dock
10= Metropolitan House
(City Tower, Post & Echo Building)



Lady Lever Gallery

DSCN0570Went here recently. Lady Lever Art Gallery was founded by Sunlight Soap boss, William Lever, and dedicated to the memory of his wife. Set in the amazing garden village of Port Sunlight, Merseyside, England,  the gallery is famous for its British 18th-century and 19th-century paintings, 18th-century furniture and a collection of Wedgwood. It’s a Grade II listed building and part of National Museums Liverpool.






Left luggage in Liverpool





I took these shots in Hope Street recently. Positioned outside Liverpool College of Art, A Case History is a sculpture that consists of stacks of concrete suitcases and bags as if they’ve been abandoned at an airport or train station. Designed by the John King, it was installed in 1998. There are 27 suitcases and a couple of guitar cases which are labelled with the names of influential Liverpudlian writers, composers, musicians, architects, photographers and political activists such as Lennon and McCartney, feminist pioneer Josephine Butler and Merseyside poets Adrian Henri, Roger McGough and Brian Patten.






When did big wheels get terrifying?

I’m sure I didn’t used to be scared of big wheels. In fact I went on the Manchester one a couple of years ago and felt fine! But I recently went on the Liverpool version and found myself verging on a panic attack! Is this an age thing? A similar thing seems to apply when it comes to stuff that causes me to go round and round in circles e.g. playground roundabouts or… Well I can’t think of any others but… just anything that involves spinning. These days I feel violently sick after about 3 seconds of spinning motion whereas I used to be able to stay on a roundabout for hours at a time when I was a kid. Admittedly I was usually tied to the roundabout by stronger, more popular boys so getting off was probably less of an option back then but even so….

Giant menaces Liverpool Skyscraper

DSCN0318This is the most frightening threat to Liverpool since those man-eating, giant reindeer I photographed at Christmas. I was in Liverpool today and took this photo of the Radio City Tower. That thing is 138 metres tall (452 feet) so what height does that make the giant bloke towering above  it?! Actually the giant isn’t quite as giant as he seems. It’s actually just a statue in nearby St. John’s Park taken from an unusual angle. I forgot to look at the sign telling people who the statue depicts so if anyone knows, maybe they could post the name here.

Radio City Tower or St. John’s Beacon as it’s sometimes known is a radio and observation tower and was built in 1969. It was intended to be a ventilation shaft for St. John’s Market but it was never used as such. It is the second tallest free-standing structure in Liverpool and the 32nd tallest in the United Kingdom. I’ve been to the top of it and the views from there are amazing. As for the giant, he  could be anyone. I’ll read the inscription next time I’m passing.

Elevator Crash in City Centre Liverpool

I took this photo today of an elevator that elevated one floor too many, crashing through the brick floor of the level above.


Actually it was part of  an art exhibition called The Unexpected Guest  which shows works by over 60 leading and emerging artists from across the world in locations across Liverpool City Centre. The creator of The Lift is Isreali artist Oded Hirsch. Have a look at some of his other stuff at   According to the blurb The Lift ‘hints at a mysterious subterranean world emerging abruptly through the city’s streets, the unexpected and unexplained presence asks questions about how we negotiate concealed spaces and disrupts the experience of shoppers and passers-by’.




Hot day, cold beer

We’ve been waiting for it for long enough and it’s finally arrived. Summer has hit the UK at last. This means we can stop moaning about it being cold and wet and start moaning about it being too hot. Summer’s the only time of the year I ever drink lager (above pics taken at Liverpool One, drinking Becks in Palm Sugar bar). Something about the heat makes a cold lager seem like heaven. The rest of the year I hate the stuff. I’ve never drunk much of it since my eighteenth birthday when I drank many, many pints of it and ended up spending the night in the garden because I couldn’t do the equation of how to  get my key in the front door. I woke up at five the next morning, soil on my lips, money strewn across the grass, and not one single droplet of moisture in my entire body. I was in bed for the whole of the next day only moving in order to throw up or do occasional convulsions like that girl off The Exorcist. I think it was about a month before I could get the taste of lager out out of my mouth. I still get terrible flashbacks to this day. On a hot Summer day, though, it’s worth the risk.

Debenhams Cafe on the bottom floor. From the top floor.

This was taken from where they throw the currants into the scone mixture. Sorry about the rubbish photo quality but I forgot to put my memory card in my camera when we went to Liverpool on Sunday and so had to use my phone camera all day. Also realised when I got home that I’d had my phone cam set on the most rubbish specs possible. And then there was that bus!