Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’; The Return

I shot this video in the town where I live a few weeks ago. ┬áThe birds are back… and this time it’s personal.


Seagulls at New Brighton, Liverpool


“You shouldn’t have said that, Geoff.”

I took these photographs recently at New Brighton, Liverpool, England.


Saw this bad boy in the garden!

pheasant1The sheer size of it doesn’t really show up on the photo but this big fella made an appearance in the back garden this week. It was just sitting there on the fence looking in through the kitchen window. It was about four times as big as any other birds I’ve ever seen round here! I didn’t know what it was when I saw it but later looked it up on the net and turns out it was a pheasant! It was absolutely beautiful. After sitting looking in through the window for about five minutes it just walked off down the garden like Royalty.



Orange Polo in Devastating Bird Attack Horror!

Maybe I’m going for the ratings-grabbing, sensationalised headline there… I’m almost at 50,000 hits so maybe I just want to hurry up and get there before the end of 2011. Maybe the real story was that we went out in the orange Polo for a post Christmas walk along the North Wales coast and there was a few seagulls.