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3 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Reading Ghost Road and up to where Andrew is trying to drive Annie to safety at his parents’ house. I am a 50 something bibliophile whose eyes have been stuck to paper since I learned to read. I am now living in Tokyo where my Kindle is just slightly less important to me than my kids and my wife….I just want to thank you for the great enjoyment this book is giving to me, it is very funny but also sinister and written at a great pace. I find many of Andrew’s characteristics very similar to my own as my children are very young and I recognise his angst. I hope he and Annie will flourish and thrive but I will know in a few days time. I very rarely feel compelled to make contact with any author ( I am no stalker) but I want to thank you for the pleasure of reading your words. I recognise the social and personal issues highlighted here but the humour pervades the darkness of the subject and makes this one of the most enjoyable reads for me in many years. Thank you, Martyn.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments. I’m always thrilled to hear that people have got some enjoyment from my work. Hope you enjoy the ending; there are one or two questions left unanswered but I’m currently working on Part 2 which will hopefully resolve everything. Could I trouble you to comment on amazon if you got the book from there? I wrote GR when I was experiencing similar angst especially as a young parent so there are lots of my own emotions in there. I’m also happy that you like the humour; I try to use it to accentuate the sad or suspenseful parts. I’d love it if you continued to read my work and am always appreciative of feedback. Keep in touch and thanks again. Jon.


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