Orange is the New Blue

To see the orange alternative to the new blue cover for Ghost Road go to


I was really pleased with the new ‘blue’ cover particularly the ‘you are here… forever’ tag line and the road sign title but now I’m looking at this orange alternative and I’m torn! It has no tag line or logo or anything but I like the simpler, almost retro style. I don’t know why it matters so much because e-books don’t even have covers as such. Book covers sort of set the tone of the book that you’re about to read though, don’t you think? They’re a bit like opening titles for a film or TV series; beyond telling you the name of the thing and the author/director, they help put you in the right mood. They say; ‘right, settle down, you’re about to be thrilled / amused / scared / unnerved / intrigued…’ or whatever. So which cover does that best; the blue or the orange?  No idea.