The Sneer at Non-Celebrities Show

Graham Norton Show - London

I don’t really like doing negative posts but I have to register my hatred of The Graham Norton Show (BBC1 Friday nights). The celebrities all trudge on at the start and sit on the cheap set together. You will never see any group of people more pleased with themselves anywhere ever. The celebs fawn over each other to the point of vomit but that’s not why I loathe the show.

What really really really irks me is the sneeriness. The shower of nervous celebs take Graham’s lead and begin parading ‘ordinary’ members of the public before them in order to mock, ridicule and belittle. Initially it’s quite gentle with hilarious Mr Norton showing various YouTube clips of silly people looking stupid or getting things wrong with their moronic un-celebrity-like ways and then inviting the celebs to snigger. But the entire thing reaches an excruciating climax when the ‘beautiful people’ watch some random member of the public attempt to tell a funny story before they are unceremoniously tipped from their seat by one of the celebrities. It’s very strange that Graham Norton should be instigating this because he has no discernible talent of any kind; he’s not a comedian nor a journalist nor an actor or anything. He’s just there, like some simpering court jester. But he really likes making fun of people; that’s his one talent. Ordinary people that is, not celebrities; (he is so deferential to celebrities he may as well lie face down on the floor at their feet). As you can imagine, it’s all hilarious beyond belief.

This show is an endangered species. It is the precise opposite of all those celebrity talent shows in which celebrities make fools of themselves in a pathetic attempt to re-start their careers or to simply make a few quid (God forbid any of them has to get an actual job). I’m no great fan of those shows either but at least they have a refreshing feeling of just desserts about them. The Graham Norton Show has a weird, old-fashioned elitist feel about it that makes for very uncomfortable viewing.

I thought a lot before I wrote this because clearly I wouldn’t want to add one single viewer to the ratings through publicity. Then I thought, yes I want people to see it. I want people to see it, and to see it for what it is.


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