London. Part 1.


I know it’s the capital city of my country but, until now, I’d only ever been there once (on a school trip). On Saturday I went back. And this time I had a camera. I took 13 million photos and I will force you to look at every one. I’m not a sadist, though, so I’ll space them out a bit. To start with, here’s a few shots of Tower Bridge.


I had the usual problem that I have when faced with photographing attractive things; how do you take a picture which doesn’t beg to be put on a jigsaw puzzle or a box of chocolates? I tried to get some unusual angles but Tower Bridge is one of the most photographed buildings in the world so every inch of it has been photographed from every conceivable angle. I’m learning that the only way to do anything original is to bring in aspects of your own life. That’s why I’m most pleased with the first photo shown here. Tower Bridge is relegated to the background unlike on the rest of the shots, but it’s still the best picture of the bunch, I reckon.





In my photos I’m not trying to document Tower Bridge for people who haven’t seen it. What would be the point? A million guide books and history books can tell you that. I’m trying to show how the bridge looked to me on that particular day, when I was in that particular mood, and was with those particular people. If you want to know the facts about Tower Bridge, you can look it up on the web.



Anyway, it’s a beautiful building, of course. Like so many other buildings in London, it feels like you’re crawling across a film set because it’s featured in so many movies and TV programmes, most recently the Sherlock Holmes one with Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law where the climax was located on a half-built Tower Bridge.




There will be more of my photos of London featuring here. Many, many more…. In London… no-one can hear you scream!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha……………


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