Weird Stuff. But it’s Culture! And it’s Kafka! So it must be OK


The man was writhing around in black slime with two other shiny, black creatures as he slowly turned into an insect. Yes, it’s Sky Arts channel on a Tuesday night.

The production was at The Royal Opera House by Arthur Pita. Edward Watson was playing the main role in an adaptation of Kafka’s classic novel The Metamorphosis. I’d already read the book which is why I watched the adaptation. And I absolutely loved the dance theatre version. It was weird and atmospheric and horrifying. It was more horrifying than lots of horror films because of the weird atmosphere. There’s no dialogue of course and everything is communicated through movement which makes it seem like your worst kind of nightmare ever.

This is proof that culture doesn’t have to be posh and remote, that art doesn’t have to be dull and self-indulgent. The Metamorphosis was culture and Kafka and cool!


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