In the face of yet another delay to publication, I thought I’d offer you something to keep your interest going. These are photos of my amendments book. Looking at them now they look like a cross between a four-year-old’s scrawl and a serial killer’s crazed letters to the police. I’ve blanked out one or two bits that give away the plot but the rest is completely unedited. This gives you an idea of my state of mind in the last few weeks. Not good. The part that made me laugh when I read it back was where I’d written ‘Manchester on a typically grey evening’ and then added the amendment ‘IT WAS SUNNY’. The scariest thing about all this is the thought that we might have missed something. There might be twenty mistakes in there that no-one has noticed. There might be thirty… There might be a hundred… Oh God. Anyway, latest publication date March 1. Stay with me! Please!WP_20140211_016[1]



3 thoughts on “IT WAS SUNNY!

  1. Interesting to see how someone else does it.
    The Manchester comment made me laugh. From my own incomplete masterpiece: “The coat had a wide collar and deep pockets, and a belt around the waist. Richard wore it whenever the weather permitted. In Canberra, that was most of the year.”


    1. The first few versions contain such a lot of crap that got onto the page as a result of laziness, drunkenness, desperation or all of the above. The task is to cut ruthlessly then refine and polish. But you can’t polish endlessly; you have to know when to leave it alone. That’s what I find the hardest thing of all.


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