My life on film; straight to dvd, I think

In recent weeks I’ve started doing a weekly video about the things that happen to me (see above). The idea is that the viewer is seeing the world through my eyes (I have really bad eyes, as you know!). I looked at some other vlogs before doing my own and was in awe and admiration at how much of their personal lives people are prepared to reveal. I wasn’t sure I could match that, had doubts about showing even my own face on screen. I pressed on, though, and managed to figure out a format which suited me even though it’s different from those used by other vloggers. I’m currently uploading Episode 3 but the video shown above is the first one. Why don’t you take a look? I’d really value your opinions whether you leave a comment here or on YouTube. My way of doing it is to show the events happening around me as if viewed through my own eyes. Conveniently, this allows me to be invisible for most of the time (although Ep 3, currently uploading, includes a brief appearance) while communicating through screen captions. Does it work? I think I’m improving slightly with each episode but it’s a tough journey. Feedback required. Thanks everyone.



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