Meeting Michael Kenna

michael_kenna_19I’m really looking forward to October when Michael Kenna is coming to England. He’s a relative (second cousin I think but I can never quite figure it out) and a really well-respected photographer. He lives in Seattle and goes all round the world taking photos. It’ll be great because, even though we’re related, I’ve never met him. The two photos shown here are his.


Michael Kenna was born in Widnes, England (where I live now). He attended The London College of Printing and began working as a photographer and artist. Moving to San Francisco in 1977, the city has remained his home ever since.
His work has been described as enigmatic, graceful and hauntingly beautiful.  Photographs are often made at dawn or in the dark hours of night with exposures up to 10 hours. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout the world with permanent collections in the Bibliotheque, Paris; The Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague; The National Gallery of Art, Washington DC; and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.  He’s also done a lot of commercial work for such clients as Volvo, Rolls Royce, Audi, Sprint, Dom Perignon and The Spanish Tourist Board.  Japan is one of 18 books of his photography to have been published.

What he has to say about photography will be fascinating because I love taking pictures too although only on a very amateur level. I put a video about Michael Kenna below.


Big Dalek

We were pretty depressed when we got back from Ibiza; you know… post holiday blues. So, wandering around aimlessly, occasionally bursting into tears, we ran into an enormous dalek made out of hay at Snugbury’s Ice Cream Farm in Nantwich, Cheshire, England. I took some photos of it but they were pretty rubbish compared to this amazing aerial video by ArialVideo, (all his videos are great if you want to look them up on YouTube). So I decided to just show you that video instead. They do a different hay structure every year, apparently; this one is to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who. The ice cream is amazing too; about a hundred flavours and all calorie free (delusional!)

Hippy birthday




It was the fortieth birthday of the legendary Hippy Market while we were on the island. Ibiza has strong artistic roots going back to the early ’60s when artisans, painters and designers went to the island to experience its unique atmosphere, light and freedom of expression. All this comes through in the market held on the island where handmade items of clothing, jewellery and artefacts can be bought. These are some of the photos I took there recently.










Jacaranda Beach Club, Ibiza 2013


While we were in the bay of Es Canar in Ibiza we found a club called Jacaranda with its outdoor terrace and swimming pool surrounded by Balinese beds. There’s also a private beach with luxury sofas and oriental gazebos. The Egyptian shisha pipes, Mojitos and organic cocktails meant it was about as far away as you can get from the traditional plastic seats, plastic burgers and Only Fools and Horses on the telly.

jacaranda-lounge-ibiza45It got a bit orgiastic towards the very end of the night; well, what do you expect if you have a club with beds in it?! I ignored all that of course and carried on with my Wordsearch. It was a really great; chilled, friendly and a bit exotic. I liked it so much I can even forgive them for the fact that, having a drink near us that night, I saw Chico!





Ibiza, Summer 2013

DSCN0867It was hot. I was thirsty. Often. You have to drink plenty of fluids. I think it’s the law.

DSCN0847#2Ibiza isn’t just about clubbing. It’s a beautiful island. You can’t take a rubbish photo there even if you try really hard.



DSCN0840#2Es Cana is great.  Not a centre for clubbing but still busy in a chilled out kind of way. There was one particular club there which we loved. I’ll tell you about that in my next post.



My holiday photos. Part 1 of 7,3967.


Home from Ibiza now. We stayed in Es Canar on the north eastern  side and were close to Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza Town, San Antoni and Portinatx.  At the southern end of the beach is a small harbour where you can catch a ferry to Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza Town, Formentera or one of the small resorts on the south east coast of the island.



This year is the fortieth anniversary of the famous Hippy Market so we had to take a look. It’s held every Wednesday at Punta Arabí south of Es Canar’s main centre. In the 1960s during the hippy era, many Hippies settled on the Ibiza and began to eke out a living by making trinkets and gifts out of wood, metals and steels. This is how the tradition of the markets on the island began, and are still going strong today.



DSCN0922I’ll post more of my photos from Ibiza once I’ve got over my post trip depression.