Elephants. True or False?


1. Elephants are vegetarians.

2. Elephants support unilateral nuclear disarmament

3. Male elephants leave their family groups when they reach puberty to live alone or with other males.


4. Elephants are the only mammals able to kneel on all fours except Nick Clegg.

5. Elephants communicate by touch, sight, smell and sound but over long distances they use infrasound, seismic forms of communication, and texting.

6. Elephants  appear to have self-awareness and show empathy for dying or dead individuals of their kind, unlike the current UK Government.

8. Elephants’ sense of smell may be four times as sensitive as that of a bloodhound.  Unlike bloodhounds, however, they are rarely called Fido.

9. Elephants can suffer from floppy trunk syndrome which is a condition of trunk paralysis occuring  in African bush elephants. It can happen to the best of us.

10. The brain of an elephant weighs 10–12 lb compared to 4 lb for a human brain!! Durrrrr!



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