Brit Hot



Britain is in the middle of a heatwave right now. We’re not used to this. Our idea of a heatwave is probably Australia’s idea of a slightly chilly Autumn. We’re gripped by the idea that we have to make the most of it because it won’t last very long. Out come the lily white bods; so white they’re practically luminous. Reminds me of Billy Connolly’s joke about Scottish people’s natural colour being light blue. He says it takes him three solid days sunbathing to get white. I’m seeing a lot of people walking about with skin a similar colour to Vimto; naked they probably look like they’re wearing a white bikini. If you accidentally touch them they make a face like Christopher Lee in Dracula Has Risen From The Grave. ‘ Anyway, I took these pics at Hale Village near where I live. The forecasters are saying the heat is going to increase over the weekend and is here for at least another week. I may even have to take off my duffel coat.






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