Not a good look



My eyes are really bad. I wear contact lenses as you can see in the pic above. I’ve worn them since I was about sixteen so I’m used to them now but most people are horrified at the thought of putting little, round pieces of plastic into your eyes. I have hard, gas permeable lenses. I tried to swap to soft ones last year but couldn’t get used to them; I hated how they fold over on your fingers and sometimes fold over while they’re actually in your eye. And I found that, once they were in, I really struggled to get them out! Hard lenses are less delicate which suits me.

I wear lenses because they’re more convenient for playing badminton and running. Specs tend to fly off your face, I found. Plus there’s also the vanity factor, if I’m honest. Most glasses are pretty stylish and it’s quite trendy to wear them now. I noticed the other day that Primark even stock specs with plain glass in them; to be worn as a fashion accessory!  They’re not so much fun when you’re wearing them from necessity. I have really bad astigmtism which makes my vision so blurred that I can’t even walk across a room without glasses or lenses. The lenses in my specs are so thick (even with the special slimmed down type) that they distort the way my eyes appear. The overall affect is to make me resemble a cross between a pervert and a village idiot. Not a good look.



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