I can read!

aaaaaaaaThe last few books I’ve read I haven’t really enjoyed and I was starting to think I wouldn’t ever enjoy reading again. But I just finished reading The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes and I completely loved it and read it in next to no time. I’ve never read anything by him before and bought it at random but it’s absolutely brilliant.

The theme is how history and memory can vary according to the person doing the remembering. During the course of the book, the main character learns that lots of (supposed) facts about himself and the people he has encountered in his life are actually based on false memory, mistakes or secrets. The book has serious points to make but it’s also a great mystery. This is the kind of mystery I like; not a contrived puzzle with a cast of cardboard characters  from which you have to guess who did the murder, but a finely observed, multi-layered psychological study.

I love this book because it’s compelling, because it’s fun, but mostly because it reminded me that I really do like to read after all.




2 thoughts on “I can read!

    1. Yeah. Love authors who don’t beat you over the head with their cleverness but just tell you a story and about three quarters of the way through you think ‘wow, this is clever!!’ Hope you’ll continue reading and commenting on my blog.


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