Birds Attack!


Giant menaces Liverpool Skyscraper

DSCN0318This is the most frightening threat to Liverpool since those man-eating, giant reindeer I photographed at Christmas. I was in Liverpool today and took this photo of the Radio City Tower. That thing is 138 metres tall (452 feet) so what height does that make the giant bloke towering above  it?! Actually the giant isn’t quite as giant as he seems. It’s actually just a statue in nearby St. John’s Park taken from an unusual angle. I forgot to look at the sign telling people who the statue depicts so if anyone knows, maybe they could post the name here.

Radio City Tower or St. John’s Beacon as it’s sometimes known is a radio and observation tower and was built in 1969. It was intended to be a ventilation shaft for St. John’s Market but it was never used as such. It is the second tallest free-standing structure in Liverpool and the 32nd tallest in the United Kingdom. I’ve been to the top of it and the views from there are amazing. As for the giant, he  could be anyone. I’ll read the inscription next time I’m passing.

Frodsham Caves



The last time I came here I was about ten. Not much is known about the history of the caves but it’s thought they’re an an example of medieval sandstone mining. There’s a lot of modern graffiti but also some which goes back to the 19th Century. The caves show the stratification caused by an ancient river. They go quite far into the hillside but it gets very dark very quickly and we’d cleverly left the torch in the car. The place is off the beaten track and most people seem to have forgotten the caves are even there. After we’d been there a while we heard what sounded like shots from a rifle very close by; maybe rabbit hunting going on. I’m almost sure it wasn’t us being hunted. We got out of there soon after anyway, just in case.