‘SKYFALL’; More than the Usual Shoot ’em Up?

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Autumn Missed


Autumn looks amazing because of the colours but I can’t seem to capture it very well on camera. It looks stunning when you’re there and you think your shots are going to be great but when you get home and look at them they’re always much less stunning than the reality. Anyway these are my attempts.

Fire at Moss Farm

I’ve never been to a bonfire on a farm before. There’s plenty of stuff to burn on a farm which made it spectacular. It was a freezing cold night but not next to this.

This is Moss Farm in Lancashire, England, not far from Blackpool. We stayed in the old farm house.

Got a superb breakfast then a tour round the farm next morning. Beautiful cows were getting milked.

It was muddy. More than muddy.

Cows also got a great breakfast. Not quite as nice as mine.

You never know when there might be a rush on old tyres.

The eggs came courtesy of this nice looking bird. Thanks so much to Emma and Rick for a brilliant night and day.