Elevator Crash in City Centre Liverpool

I took this photo today of an elevator that elevated one floor too many, crashing through the brick floor of the level above.


Actually it was part of  an art exhibition called The Unexpected Guest  which shows works by over 60 leading and emerging artists from across the world in locations across Liverpool City Centre. The creator of The Lift is Isreali artist Oded Hirsch. Have a look at some of his other stuff at   http://www.odedhirsch.com/   According to the blurb The Lift ‘hints at a mysterious subterranean world emerging abruptly through the city’s streets, the unexpected and unexplained presence asks questions about how we negotiate concealed spaces and disrupts the experience of shoppers and passers-by’.





2 thoughts on “Elevator Crash in City Centre Liverpool

  1. There’s only one way you can photograph it really. It’s a no-brainer for the photographer. The thing itself is pretty impressive though. It’s supposed to have come up from mysterious floors below but I thought it looked more like it had dropped from the sky.


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