Crosby Beach

Crosby Beach stretches about 3 miles North-West from the Seaforth Dock in the Port of Liverpool, through Waterloo, where it separates the sea from the Marina, past Crosby Swimming Baths, up beyond the coastguard station in Blundellsands to the estuary of the River Alt. I took these photos last week on an amazing warm and sunny Autumn day.


The Effects of Aging




Those expensive anti-wrinkle creams don’t work. Took these pics today on Crosby Beach, Liverpool. At least the last one looks pleased about something.

The same spot 50 years later


These two photos are of exactly the same place taken from exactly the same angle but with 50 years between them. The top one was taken by an unknown photographer in the early 60s; the bottom one was taken by me, today. You can see the that the old Transporter Bridge has long gone. It’s replacement, now called the Silver Jubilee Bridge can just be seen in the top left corner of both shots. Back then it was less than a year old.

The Photos On Your Mobile Reflect Your State of Mind!

These are some of the photos stored on my mobile phone. I take photos with my camera phone sometimes but always forget they’re there. I had a look at them today for the first time in months. It’s not a brilliant camera so sorry about the quality. I don’t know what this weird selection of objects and places says about my state of mind. Before you judge, take a look at the photos on YOUR phone.
No-one’s thirsty


Fast food?!!!

Long and winding road

Someone’s thirsty


Where does water end and trees start?

Orange Polo driver

Big window

The future’s bright, the future’s oranges


Bargain bin Jaws.

Elevator Crash in City Centre Liverpool

I took this photo today of an elevator that elevated one floor too many, crashing through the brick floor of the level above.


Actually it was part of  an art exhibition called The Unexpected Guest  which shows works by over 60 leading and emerging artists from across the world in locations across Liverpool City Centre. The creator of The Lift is Isreali artist Oded Hirsch. Have a look at some of his other stuff at   According to the blurb The Lift ‘hints at a mysterious subterranean world emerging abruptly through the city’s streets, the unexpected and unexplained presence asks questions about how we negotiate concealed spaces and disrupts the experience of shoppers and passers-by’.