I Can’t Read Anymore!

I don’t know what’s going on here but I can’t seem to read! I’ve always read; I’ve always loved reading but just recently I’ve started three books and failed to finish any of them. What’s happening?!!

These are the three books that I gave up on. Admittedly Ulysses is probably one of the most difficult books ever written but what happened with the Stephen King one?  It just seemed hopelessly slow and rambling so I just gave up (I’m usually a SK fan and loved Full Dark No Stars).

As for Moby Dick; I know it’s an absolute classic and one of the best books ever written and I did enjoy some parts but when I got to the bits where it felt like it was lots of facts about whales I just lost it. For me, it’s not a good sign when I’m not reading. How about you? Do you go through periods like this?


6 thoughts on “I Can’t Read Anymore!

  1. I give up more often now than I ever have. Sometimes, certain authors ruin me for anything/body else. McCarthy, Jim Harrison & Sarah waters are three whose work enthrall & quicken me to the extent that I have a hard time for weeks sometimes months later. In some cases I’m being lazy, though. Ulysses is challenging and I’m not sure if it’s worth it or not; mobutu is definitely worth a second try. Take a break from reading and them devour something you know you’ll like. You’re not a philistine. You just need to find something that interests you.


    1. Thanks for that thought. Yes I think it’s a combination of happening to read 3 mountain sized books consecutively and also my concentration is a bit shot at just now. Maybe something lighter will get me back into the swing.


  2. Three books, two of which are ‘classics’ in the sense that many more people talk about them than have actually read them, and a third which is King at his most freewheeling.
    Why don’t you try something shorter? Junky by W S Burroughs is one that I like to read as a brain recharge after something long and complex. Or an early Len Deighton. Or The Hawkline Monster by Richard Brautigan.


    1. I love your suggestions for reading especially The Hawkline Monster which I’ve not heard of before. My problem is I don’t really like ‘light’ reads. I find light stuff a bit boring and therefore it turns into heavy stuff. That’s why I tried Ulysses in the first place. Bit off more than I can chew though.


  3. I wouldn’t consider Junky light reading. It’s a very unglamourous view of the addict’s life – but doesn’t leave you feeling like you need a bath after reading it. (As opposed to the book on the same subject by Alex Trocchi. Can’t think of its name right now.)
    The Hawkline Monster is just magical. Worth reading for the effortless genre change from Western to science fiction.


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