A New Look!


Did you notice that I gave this blog a new look? I was getting a bit bored with it the way it way. I’d actually had that theme for two years, believe it or not! It took me ages to pick a new one and there’s still things I’m working out about it. I’m hoping it will inspire me to write new stuff and keep updating it. The thing that inspires me most of all though is when people respond to things I post so please do let me know what you think about anything on this site.

Anyway, the photo is of Mr Happy of Mr Men fame. This is the mug which rests on my desk at work. The mugs from which people drink while they’re working can tell you a lot about the person. Actually, no they can’t but never mind that. The mug I have at home depicts Mr Messy, also of Mr Men fame and I think that’s probably more appropriate for my personality. Does everyone know about the Mr Men? They’re a range of kids’ books by the late Roger Hargreaves. The stories are really bad and clunky, usually involving someone with a distinguishing feature such as nosiness or grumpiness etc getting hounded out of his home by narrow-minded neighbours who just want everyone to be the the same and work in the butchers or the bakers. The drawings in the books are even worse, clearly drawn by someone with a set of seven felt tip pens and no artistic ability whatsoever. In spite of all this though, the little blokes are maddeningly endearing in an iconic, retro kind of way. My questions for you are;

1. Which Mr Man is nearest to your personality? 

2. What is on the side of the mug you drink out of at work (or home)?




One thought on “A New Look!

  1. I am Mr Happy and Mr Tickle, because I like to make people laugh as much as I like laughing myself. I am Mrs Hackle 🙂

    I have a lot of mugs, but they must all be white inside, and straight up; no fancy shapes or colours inside. I am also Mrs Partickler.

    I love your new look. I don’t like dark backgrounds; I find them difficult to read.


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