In mid-July I came to write a new entry for this blog and for the first time found that I couldn’t think of anything to write. That was a few weeks ago and, now,  I still feel the same way. I’m thinking that this means that it’s the end of the road. I think I’ll finish this blog forever on August 16 which is my birthday. What do you think? How shall I bow out?


6 thoughts on “THE END

  1. Aw, I’m going to miss reading your blog. Perhaps rather than hanging it up forever, taking time off? I’ve gone through several hiatuses with mine.

    That being said, a whiz bang finish is just what you’ll need! A big blow-out extravaganza. With fireworks and cake.


  2. Three out of three say STAY!!!!
    You don’t have to post every week JK, and it doesn’t even have to be something personal.
    Maybe there was amusing graffiti on the wall at the bus stop.
    Don’t close down altogether – but DO have a happy birthday.


  3. That’s really kind for you all to say. Those comments have made me think again. I really enjoy reading your blogs and would hate it if any of you decided to end. So maybe I’ll carry on and see if I can’t see off this period of writer’s block. I’ve been working hard on the book too so perhaps I’m just a bit written out. I love writing and can’t imagine ever not doing it. I really really appreciate your support. I’ll just see what tide brings in. Thanks again.


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