Look Who I bumped into today





My new look.



What do you think? The above pic is me after my makeover. I think it’s a definite improvement. Actually it’s me at a Sixties themed fancy dress party last night. Thanks to Janice and Kev Glover for a really good night. Believe it or not it is the first fancy dress party I’ve ever been to and I was completely bricking it an hour before. Now I’ve recovered from the hangover I’m thinking of keeping the new look permanently.


Our Olympic flame


This isn’t me holding a Ku Klux Klan head dress, it’s me holding our official end of Olympics sky lantern. We released it on Sunday night and watched it waft high into the sky, causing dangerous confusion for passing aircraft.

Me and Alice scrawled sporty type stuff on it before we let it go. I wonder how far it travelled… probably about half a mile as far as the roof of McDonalds.




The same spot over ninety years later.




The top photo was taken by an unknown person in 1920. It was taken from the top window of a house now owned by my family, sixty-five years before we owned it. It shows Runcorn War Memorial Gardens soon after they were built. The bottom photo was taken today by me at exactly the same angle from exactly the same window more than ninety years later.


The Olympic Party.


How could I struggle for something to write about when the Olympic Games is going on on my doorstep? I’m not a great sports fan but this is probably the only occasion in my lifetime that the Games will come to Britain so I decided to try to make the most of it. Even Orange Polo got a patriotic make over (see pic).


Throwing good taste out of the window we adopted an Olympic theme and had a launch night party with the opening ceremony blasting out on TV at full volume! Danny Boyle (director of Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours, Trainspotting, 28 Hours, 28 Days, Sunshine, The Beach) made the ceremony utterly breathtaking and made himself into a national hero. Many people had thought that it would be a disaster and compare badly with that of the Beijing Games. Boyle shrewdly sidestepped any comparison by making his version completely different and quirkily British.



We’re had almost two weeks of the Games now (closing ceremony Sunday) and it’s been a great experience for most people. British competitors have thrown themselves into it and come away with our biggest ever medal tally. I think it’s been a good Games for all nationalities though. In Britain we’ve had 24 extra TV channels which have broadcast every moment of every competition totally live. People love knocking the BBC but I think it’s done an amazing job. I’ve especially liked the badminton because I play it, I’ve liked the tennis because we won it, and I’ve liked the women’s volleyball because… well never mind that.






In mid-July I came to write a new entry for this blog and for the first time found that I couldn’t think of anything to write. That was a few weeks ago and, now,  I still feel the same way. I’m thinking that this means that it’s the end of the road. I think I’ll finish this blog forever on August 16 which is my birthday. What do you think? How shall I bow out?