Storm in a Caravan



After Stonehenge we went to Woolacombe in Devon, England. The weather was sometimes very, very dark but the beach houses were very, very bright. We were on the beach at seven o’clock one night (it was sunny and warm!) when a great storm came in. I love storms especially when I’m staying in a caravan. If you’re lucky enough to experience a storm from inside a caravan you need to open all the windows and turn off all the lights. The noise of torrential rain on the flimsy caravan roof is amazing especially whilst simultaneously drinking whisky from a plastic glass. Trust me.

I haven’t been to this part of the country since I was a kid. I didn’t appreciate then how stunning it is. I took about a million photos. Don’t worry, I won’t post them all.






Here come the storm! Quick! Get the plastic glasses!

View from the caravan window. Yup, that’s definitely a storm. Not going out. It’s official.






4 thoughts on “Storm in a Caravan

  1. Those beach hut look relatively new, Jon. They’re not permitted here now, but a many old ones have been preserved along beaches in Port Phillip Bay. Couple of pics here.
    Unfortunately, I’m too poor to afford a caravan, so when a storm comes over I hide under a cardboard box. It’s not quite the same.


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