Why not get the bus?

Went on the bus today. Left Orange Polo at home. Caught the 79C from Widnes to Liverpool and then later on the 82A from Liverpool to Widnes. On the way there, there were five winos occupying the back end of the bus; shouting and arsing about. They smelled like rotting gerbils. The bus soon filled up so that there weren’t enough seats for everyone. On the way back someone had put their feet up on the seats and left soil there. The floor was sticky with orange juice. There was a lad who tried to get on using a train ticket and refused to get off when the driver challenged him. It cost £4.60. Going in the car next week.


2 thoughts on “Why not get the bus?

  1. Hi Jon
    Thursday 3pm glorious Spring Day driving around a busy a Widnes roundabout!
    I saw a couple cuddling in the sun thought ‘Ahh, how lovely young love !’ As i drove past saw the guy had no shirt on both he and his lady friend had cider cans in hand and actually they weren’t cuddling they were wrapped around each other for support!!!
    Illusion shattered 😦


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