Sssshhhhhh! It’s a Skoda!

My car exploded last week. To repair it would have cost £1000 plus. It was something called the cam belt apparently. I wouldn’t know a cam belt from a snake belt. The car (a Renault Megane or Renault Migraine as they’re often known) wasn’t worth a grand anyway so it had to be a write off. I have a brand new lease car on order from work but it won’t arrive for three months or more so I’ve had to buy a temporary vehicle. And there she is in the picture above. She is called Felicia and she’s a…… Skoda!

She is fifteen years old, has no power steering, manual window winders, no stereo and a hole in the roof where an aerial used to be. Turning the wheel is like lifting a bag of potatoes and she takes an hour every morning to de-mist. It’s going to be a long three months.



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