The haunted street


I don’t write much here about my own book Ghost Road because I personally hate reading blogs where authors continually try to flog their own stuff. A couple of people have emailed me asking questions about it though so this entry is just to enable me to answer those. Of course if anyone does feel like they fancy trying it I’m always excited to get new readers on board and you can get a copy by clicking on the image  in the right hand side panel.

On the surface, it’s a ghost story but I tried to emphasise the emotional and psychological elements as much if not more than the supernatural. It’s set in a suburban street which is ordinary in every way (traffic lights, signposts, rubbish bins, phone booths…) except one… it’s haunted.

The story revolves around the street’s residents particularly Nat, a young boy who accidentally captures footage of a strange figure on his camcorder; Jake, who hears unexplained noises coming from the empty flat above his own; and Andrew, a middle aged man who fears for the safety of his young daughter when voices come from the baby monitor. It’s fast moving and scary, I hope, but I also tried to make it funny in parts so if you do decide to give it a go, I hope you enjoy.

The rest of this entry I’ll use to answer questions sent to me. Firstly they ask why the pub in the street is called the Lifeboat and has pictures of boats on the walls when it is nowhere near the coast. There is a reason for this but I didn’t have space to include it so it will be dealt with in the second part. That brings me to another question… is there a Part Two? Originally it was going to be a single story told in one novel but I found that I just couldn’t shoehorn everything in and still do justice to each element, so I basically split the story into two. Each part can be read independently of the other and Part One does have a resolution of its own but the overarching story continues over two books.

Another question was about the letters LPI that crop up a couple of times and why I didn’t reveal what they meant. Actually I did reveal it… the answer is in there but you have to look hard for it (hint – it’s near the end). LPI is mentioned again in Part Two. The question that was asked most though was; who is driving the Fiesta with the flame transfers down the side? Again, you may be able to figure that out from the story but it is explicitly answered in the second book. I don’t have a publication date for Part Two yet but I’m hoping it will be next year. I do have another book coming out before that about which I’ll give more details soon but I can tell you that it’s a psychological mystery story set in a hospital.

Thanks so much to all those who have read Ghost Road and taken the time to contact me with comments or questions. I’m really pleased with how well the book is doing and it is all down to you. Also, thanks in advance to those who decide to give it a whirl; please do write in with your opinions and I promise to respond.

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