What I saw at Portmeirion (where they filmed The Prisoner)




8 thoughts on “What I saw at Portmeirion (where they filmed The Prisoner)

    1. Yes it was a great day. We arrived about 3.3o so it wasn’t too packed. Weird feeling seeing all those familiar locations, most of which look exactly the same. We even got to go into the hotel (old people’s home in the series) which is usually closed off to non-residents. Also climbed up to the dome; inside there is a gallery now. Took loads of photos; this was just a selection. Am such a bad fan/geek!!


  1. It actually looks better than what I recall from the series. Cleaner, better looked after.
    Do they have people in costume wandering about? I’m thinking of the women in those little hats, and the rainbow capes.


    1. It’s well maintained; actually it’s a VERY posh hotel (far more expensive than I can afford!). They don’t have Prisoner costumed people as the village is not chiefly known for it’s Prisoner connection but for it’s architectural features (it was there long before the TV series). They do have Prisoner events though, I believe, where everyone dresses in costumes from the show and they reconstruct the chess game ep. There is a shop located inside No.6’s house which sells nothing but Prisoner stuff; costumes, badges, circular No 2 chairs, retro phones, etc.


      1. Yeah, there are a couple of Prisoner themed events. I think they usually happen in the spring. I know the fan club had a Prisoner tour through London a couple of years ago, stopping at 1 Buckingham Place among other places.

        I may like the show a little bit too much…


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