I’ve had a cough for about three months. It was one of my favourite things to say ‘must go to the doctor about this cough!’ and then never go. People were starting to hate me for it. So on Wednesday I finally went. She listened to my breathing and decided I have asthma! I’ve never had asthma before! I wasn’t expecting to ever get asthma! So now I have an inhaler which I have to use four times a day or when needed. It feels a bit weird, actually. It’s like being told you’ve got an extra eye on the back of your head that you’ve never noticed before. It’s enough to make you have… well, an asthma attack.


3 thoughts on “Breathless

  1. My son recently was diagnosed with asthma… but ti took three years to figure out… wheezing and vomiting and all… stupid doctors. At least you’ve been diagnosed, cause my son was getting so bad he was turning blue and coming in for breathing treamtments. Best of luck to you! Inhalers are cool 🙂


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