Super gr8


I think the intention with Super 8 was to return to the style of film that Steven Spielberg made popular throughout the late seventies and eighties. There are influences (more than influences actually; in fact sometimes you feel like you’re watching an Illegitimate love child conceieved at an orgy attended by all the movies I’m about to mention…) from E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws, Poltergiest and probably a few more. If that was the aim of director JJ Abrams then, generally, I reckon he succeeds. I really enjoyed it mostly because it had an exceptional cast who were like the groups of kids from many Spielberg films but actually less annoying and more heartfelt (OK you might say they swooped perilously close to the old cliches of fat kid, cute kid, thick kid, brainy kid and babe and if you did say that you’d be completely right). But also, it was genuinely scary helping to offset the syrupy emotional stuff which, alone, would have been mawkish. So overall I thought it was a great, old style Summer blockbuster. All we need now, here in England, is a Summer to go with it.


3 thoughts on “Super gr8

  1. I wanted to love this film, but despite all its good intentions and its heart, in the end the film was just a homage to Spielberg but had nothing new to offer.
    Still, a lot better than your average blockbuster, but from a duo like Spielberg and Abrams, I was expecting a bit more…
    Here’s my review


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