Harry Potter goes out on a high?

I saw it, yes. And I saw it through a pair of those things above. Actually that’s not completely true. I did see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in 3D but I took the 3D glasses I bought for Transformers 4 so I didn’t actually watch the film through official, circular lensed geek glasses. The effect was the same though; blurriness.

I should say that I’m not a massive fan of Harry Potter; I think I’ve seen 2 out of the series and both of these underwhelmed me. My main objection in the past has been the principle actors; they were too bratty. They reminded me of those nightmare kids that Rod Hull and Emu used to hang around with. I don’t especially like kids in films, or kids’ films, or films about kids, or kids generally (except my own  angels of course) so maybe it’s not surprising that I’ve liked the Harry Potter films better as the main characters have grown up. Or maybe the films themselves have just got better. To be honest, I’m not interested enough to care. The fact of it is; I really enjoyed this final instalment in the saga.

The first 15 minutes are astonishingly, frighteningly boring. Really, I felt unconsciousness approaching very quickly; I’m finding it increasingly difficult not to take naps during films. But thereafter, the film was interesting, exciting, atmospheric, clever and suspenseful. It didn’t even matter that I didn’t know what the hell was going on or that I was really, really irritated by all those stupid names (Dumbledore? Dobby? For God’s sake grow up!). There were loads of famous British actors doing annoying cameo roles which made a lovely, refreshing change from having American actors doing annoying cameo roles.

So to sum up, the film is actually really good and I think that’s because it concentrates on character and doesn’t get distracted by the CGI (although the CGI is great). Therefore, it doesn’t do a Transformers and become a 3 hour video game. I did actually care about Harry and… whatever the others are called… by the end. I do think it missed a bit of a trick by not being as poignant as it could have been though. This was a big chance to do a Toy Story 3 and make us all cry about how this was a 10 year journey of growing up coming to an end. I would have wept buckets at that as I did at Toy Story 3. But they didn’t do it and I didn’t weep buckets or even a single tear.

It’s good though so go and see it. It’s three times as good as most of the junk on at the moment; certainly in a different league to both Transformers 4 and X-Men.


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter goes out on a high?

  1. A little farewell inspired by the events

    The world is too big and life is too short,
    You are no Harry and no Voldemort.
    Not even a sidekick — bystander at best,
    Watching the heroes to go on a quest.

    Exit the theater, close the book,
    Hear one more sound, take one more look.
    It felt so real, but magic is gone
    You are not Chosen, you are just one.

    Read it at http://unmaskd.com/2011/07/08/magic/


  2. You are so funny – your comment on the comment has me LMAO.

    I’m sorry – I AM a Harry fan, and I raged when they killed Dumbledore, and a few others who I shan’t go into as you have no idea who they are or were. LOL. So I shall troop along for this last installment of the film saga.


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