What colour car do YOU drive?

I know nothing about cars. I don’t particularly want to know anything about cars. Recently, though, I started to think I might get a lease car on the scheme they run at work. So, the question arose; which car would I choose? My answer came quick and sure – an orange one, of course!

I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted an orange car. I actually did own an orange car once. A long time ago; not long after I passed my driving test, I owned an orange Mini bought from my ol’ mate Mark A and which was known as ‘The Satsuma! Maybe my yearning for an orange car is my version of a mid life crisis; trying to get back to the days when I was young and drove a funky coloured vehicle. Or maybe it’s about not wanting to disappear into the crowd. Most cars are grey or white or blue or silver or black now, aren’t they? I looked on a few car websites and these are the only available options. Why is that? I suppose it’s because those cars will have the best resale value. It all comes down to money these days doesn’t it? We’re all so bloody sensible aren’t we?

Well, sensible or not, I want an orange car. Actually this whole thing has got me thinking about how different colours are linked in with notions of age and of being sensible or grown-up. I’ve always been pretty sensible throughout my life and I reckon it’s about time I put a stop to it. This extends beyond choice of car colour; I feel like I might want to change our front door from the current sensible shade of white to a colour which better reflects my current mood of rebellion. Oh yes indeed; the future’s bright.

4 thoughts on “What colour car do YOU drive?

  1. Get that orange car! My daughter just got her first car and it is pink. My husband made all the comments about “is that practical, who would buy it if she sells it later”, etc.

    I said “if she can’t have fun when she is young and get a pink car that she wants, how will she ever have fun when she is older?” The pink car is now known by everyone around town. Good for her. 🙂


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