Now (2011) and Then (1900)

I took this picture of an ordinary street in Runcorn, Cheshire, UK where I live.
This is the same street from the same angle but this photo was taken over a hundred years ago. I didn't take this one of course. I was busy that day.


I love these kind of ‘now and then’ photos where you see the same place from the same angle but taken at different points in time. This is the corner of Greenway Road in Runcorn where Highlands Road branches off towards the park. I couldn’t get exactly the same angle without being mowed down by traffic but it’s pretty close. I don’t know who took the original photograph; a print of it hangs on the wall in my mum and dad’s house.

The building to the extreme right of both photos is exactly the same but the walled garden in front of it is long gone and the original pavement has been replaced by a new one where the garden used to be. What looks like a barn in the old picture is completely missing from the new one but the stone wall on the opposite side of the road is still there with the gate in the same place. Nowadays a house with big bay windows stands behind that wall which you can see in the modern pic.

Those two women in what looks like Victorian clothing have always fascinated me; they seem to be looking upwards at something in Highlands Road. You can pinpoint the exact spot on which they stood and look up Highlands Road and see almost the same view that they must have seen all those years ago. Wonder what they were looking at.


2 thoughts on “Now (2011) and Then (1900)

  1. I was going to suggest they were looking for ‘business’. But that would be wrong.
    Old photos of places you know can be very surprising. You don’t realise how much a scene can change.


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