Live from Libya (on a mobile phone)

Muammar al-Gaddafi caught in a hot spot



First Tunisia, then Egypt, now Libya… And of course there’s unrest in Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria, Jordan and Morocco. Every day I read in the papers that there’s a new hot spot! As time goes on Gadaffi (above) looks increasingly crazed with his rambling accusations of foreigners and journalist ‘dogs’. He and his hair-do seem wilder than ever!

Actually, though, unlike with Ali and Mubarak who allowed (reluctantly) international journalists into their respective countries, Gadaffi has kept a tight grip on foreign reporting. It’s not done him much good though because what he seems not to have grasped is that, even in Libya, these days everyone has a mobile phone with a video camera built in. And the poor old-timer (he’s 68 and hardly a grey hair in sight!) hasn’t understood that videos can be uploaded to YouTube in a matter of seconds.

I was reading that new ‘i’ newspaper today (it’s pretty good) and Robert Fisk wrote ‘The hand-held immediacy of the mobile phone, the intimacy of sound and the crack of gunfire are, in some ways, more compelling than the edited, digital film of the networks’. Seems the Colonel hasn’t moved with the times. Having said that, he was an early adopter of Grecian 2000.

Illustration from Channel 4 News

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