British stars are little people in new Gulliver film

Went to see Gulliver’s Travels in 3D at Cineworld, St. Helens the other day. It’s not a bad film but I couldn’t figure out what seeing it in 3D added to the experience. I don’t know whether it was one of those films that was made in 2D and then adapted as an afterthough but most of the time you couldn’t even tell it was 3D at all. And those glasses make the image so gloomy it was really hard work watching.

Jack Black is good and most of the scenes he’s in are funny. The scenes about the pedantic Lilliputian society were dull and annoying but they were kept to a minimum.

I didn’t expect to see British stars Billy Connolly, Catherine Tate and James Corden in it. I felt a bit embarrassed on their behalf as they only had about 20 words to say between them and they spent the whole film huddling together in shame. Catherine Tate in particular was woefully underused; I mean she’s such a superb actress and the only thing she did in this film was gasp and stand next to Billy Connolly. I suppose Tate and Corden are trying to break into the Hollywood movie business and so are willing to take any rubbish role just to get their faces known. Connolly on the other hand has already been savaged by the Hollywood machine and so is willing to take any rubbish role just to cling on to the role of film star by the tips of his fingers (you’re already a legend; you don’t need to do this). Or maybe they all did it just so that their kids can see a film and say “there’s Dad/Mum!” In a way I suppose it was quite gratifying to see ‘big’ names reduced to being extras again. I’m a terrible, terrible person.

The story is, of course, nothing like the book but it had a couple of messages to deliver which it did with sledgehammer subtlety (‘War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!). But I don’t think the film set out to be subtle; it set out to be funny (which it is – a bit), charming (which it is – fairly) and fun (which it is – quite a lot). My 3-year-old was a bit scared of the noisy fights whereas I was more scared of the £27 admission charge (£27!!!!!!) Overall, it was a reasonably fun couple of hours. One other thing… I almost fell asleep at some point in the middle but I think this was more a result of me getting old than a fault of the film. They were really comfy seats.



10 thoughts on “British stars are little people in new Gulliver film

  1. January is often rubbish for films although I finally got round to the latest Harry Potter post-Christmas when most other people had already seen it(I love cinemas when there are hardly any other people in them, feels more like the film is being shown especially for me). We were thinking about taking our kids to see this as they point at the trailer whenever it’s been on tv. Might think twice now, or send them with their step-brother instead so I don;t start snoring in my seat.
    Oh, and 3-d doesn;t work for me, never has. I can’t see those ‘magic pictures’ wither. My eyes just don;t bend that way I guess. Saves me some dosh at the cinema I guess.


  2. I keep trying to like Harry Potter films but I just can’t. Dunno why. I think it’s a bit too twee; you know, stage school type brats that look like they might be extras from a stage musical version of ‘Oliver’. And silly, self-consciously eccentric characters with stupid names. It just doesn’t do it for me. Next film I want to see at cinema is The King’s Speech I think


    1. I had the same reservations and avoided the films and books until my Potter-mad son needed me to take him to the third film. I was drawn in by the supporting cast more than the kids or the plots. Too many afternoons spent watching 50s BRitish films I guess made the potter movies seems sort of nostlagic for those old Ealing days. My degrees are in English and Critical theory so I ought to loathe JK but she serves a function – chewing gum for the brain, which is something I often require.


  3. I’ve seen JK Rowling being interviewed a few times and she always impresses me. Harry Potter just gives me that same feeling I got from boys at school who used to be crazy about Dungeons and Dragons. Still, different strokes etc…


  4. I’ve seen a HP film or two, but there’s something about the basic concept that prevents my suspending disbelief. A bureaucracy of wizards, with contacts to the PM at 10 Downing Street – sorry, I just can’t buy it.


  5. “Peri,” the Doctor gasped, “we haven’t got much time. And you have to trust me on this! I swear by all the Lords of Gallifrey that my regeneration will go horribly wrong unless I stick my face right in there and count to a hundred…”


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