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  1. John Lennon–such a brilliant musician. I wonder what he would have come up with, music wise, had he survived.
    I was in NYC a couple of weekends ago and was certain to stop at Strawberry Fields. A cool experience, sitting in this calm place in the middle of a busy city, listening to people playing Beatles songs.


  2. I think that’s what is so maddening about his death; the fact that we’ve been robbed of so much great material. On the other hand many artists enter a decline in their later years so at least we remember JL as he was when he was, if not at the very top of his game, still producing amazing stuff.

    I’d love to visit NYC sometime. It’s great living 20 mins from Liverpool though and seeing the places where JL grew up and where the early Beatles played. The house where he lived (Mendips) has been preserved and opened to the public although I haven’t seen it yet.


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