Manchester Big Wheel


The clue is in the title really so why was I so scared when Manchester Big Wheel actually turned out to be BIG! It’s big enough when looking up at it from the ground but when you get to the very top you realise it’s much too big to consider going for a ride on. Oops! Too late.

Britain in deep freeze

I’m feeling better at last. Thanks for the good wishes. Britain is in the grip of a cold spell; something about air from the Canadian Arctic pushing the Gulf Stream, which normally warms us, further South. Maybe Ill stay in bed a bit longer. Until April maybe?

I’m ill.

That’s not actually me in the photo above but it reflects the way I feel. Don’t know what it is I’ve caught but I feel absolutely terrible. When I’m well I always fantasise about being ill and being told to stay off work and get lots of bed rest. When it actually happens though its utterly horrible. Woke up at 10.30 this morning with the shivers, headache and a hacking cough. Went back to sleep at about 12 and slept ALL DAY! Writing this has sapped what little energy I had so I’ll probably go back into my coma now. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Sunset 3.45pm

A lot of people hate early sunsets but I quite like them. So long as you’ve got somewhere warm and welcoming to go its quite nice drawing the curtains and settling in for the night. I’m sure that view would not be shared by the homeless or, as we used to call them in the 70s, tramps. Now is the time of year to get out your quilted sleep suit (basically a duvet with arms and legs) or, if you’re over 60 a candlewick bedspread. Each member of the family should have one of these and they should be worn in such a way as only a person’s nose is visible. Huddled together you can enjoy looking like a flock of obese flamingos.

Here in North West UK the sun went down at 3.45pm today and won’t rise tomorrow until about 8.15am. I’d quite like to be allowed to hibernate during the Winter months. A cardboard box full of straw and punched with air holes would do the job; the sort of thing they used to put the tortoises in on Blue Peter. Of course these days the box would have to have WiFi.


Fahrenheit 451 is hot!

I’m currently reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. It’s a famous book by a famous author and I suppose that’s part of why I started reading it; a feeling that I ought to read it. The book has become an old classic (so has the author) and when I start reading a book with that knowledge it usually feels like a bit of a slog. Fahrenheit 451 is NOT a bit of a slog. It is shockingly, breathtakingly, frighteningly brilliant

It’s set in the future and revolves around a fireman who is employed to burn books… all books. Paper combusts at 451 degrees fahrenheit. The book is full of themes that are completely relevant to the contemporary world that it is hard to believe that it was written in the late fifties.

Since starting to read it I’ve looked up Ray Bradbury on YouTube and he seems like an intelligent and inspiring person. His advice to aspiring writers is to write one short story every week for a year!! He reckons it is physically impossible to write 52 crap ones.