What do you want inscribed on your grave stone?


Its a cliché I know but it’s true that you think about your own mortality more as you get older. Realistically I’ve probably only got about fifty-odd years left to live and that’s if I’m lucky! How do any of us get any pleasure out of life with that shadow hanging over us? I know it seems like a morbid subject and I don’t want to depress the hell out of you all so let’s take a light-hearted slant on it by asking what people would choose as their epitaph if they could write it themselves. I’d go for something like the one above or Spike Milligan‘s legendary suggestion; ‘I TOLD YOU I WAS ILL!’.


4 thoughts on “What do you want inscribed on your grave stone?

  1. There’s a line I remember from (I think) The French Lieutenant’s Woman, in which a character was described as being happy, because this happy moment was here for him right now. Rather than unhappy, because the happy moment would not last forever.
    Life is unfair in many ways, and not least in its brevity. Look up at the stars in the sky tonight, and consider that the men who put names to the constellations a couple of thousand years ago could still identify them without difficulty today.
    Cosmically speaking we’re here and gone in the same instant.It takes a long time to get some understanding of how it all works. And just when you’re really capable of starting to join the dots… dead.
    I don’t know much about headstones. I only know that “I wish I’d been brave” is not what I want on mine.
    To put it another way…


  2. Thanks for that very philosophical and thought-provoking response. The knowledge of impending death shapes our lives profoundly. I was treating the subject in a jokey way but I s’pose that’s just another way of trying to come to terms with it.


  3. Hi,
    This will not worry me as I hope friends and family remember to cremate me.
    But I love your picture, it’s very well done, and it does make one think.

    If I was being buried I would love something funny and quirky not the usual R.I.P. can’t think of anything at the moment, but I would love the thought of someone walking past my grave say on their way to a relatives grave or whatever, and reading something that would put a smile of their face.


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