Thousands Celebrate Terrorist in England

Tonight we celebrated Guy Fawkes Night in England by setting off a large number of fireworks costing thousands of pounds which would otherwise only have been wasted on schools and hospitals. Here in Runcorn, Cheshire, we all headed for the banks of the River Mersey to stare up at the night sky and say “ooooooh!” a lot whilst rubbing up against hoodies.

Nobody mentioned the fact that we were commemorating a bloke who tried to blow up the seat of democracy in our country; a terrorist, basically. People seemed unconcerned by this but when a street vendor tried to charge £5 for a bulb-operated light sabre they tried to gouge out his eyes.

I’m being a bit sneery about it but actually it was a really spectacular and enjoyable night. Halton Borough Council (my munificent employer) laid on the bash for free and it was the best fireworks display since 1605 (that’s just gone 4 o’clock).


2 thoughts on “Thousands Celebrate Terrorist in England

  1. Hi,
    We have something very similar here where I live in Australia. It’s called River Fire, here in Brisbane, other capitol cities has them as well but they are all called something different.

    Looks like a nice night out, but I know what you mean about the wasted money, it could be used for hospitals, infrastructure,etc. but it’s not meant to be. Still it’s a good night for many.


    1. Thanks for that. Yeah we need the nuts and bolts of life like schools and hospitals but, once we have those essentials, what about the QUALITY of life?

      So great to be able to talk to people from places as far away as Australia. I think Australia is actually my favourite country even though I’ve never been there.


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