It’s that time again……..

Look into those eyes… what other time could you possibly run into a charmer like him except for Halloween? On October 31 we’ll all be opening our front doors to kids dressed as skeletons or with blood dribbling from their plastic fangs. Then, when we’ve dished out ten quid’s worth of E-number saturated sweeties and the knocking on the door has stopped, maybe we’ll want to watch something suitably terrifying to complete the occasion.

I’ve yet to find a better film to watch on Halloween night than the appropriately titled Halloween; John Carpenter’s ground-breaking 1978 horror gem. I know it may be a bit wobbly by today’s standards and much of the shock value has been weakened by familiarity but it still beats most so called slasher movies by a mile. For me it wins because of its sheer simplicity and… purity if you can use that word when describing a film about a man who kills his own sister and then half the street wearing a boiler suit and a rubber Captain Kirk mask (it always makes me laugh to think that the scariest thing Carpenter could find for his killer to wear was not a drooling zombie head or a vampire face dripping in blood  but a latex reconstruction of William Shatner’s pale and chubby chops).

Halloween, the original or course and not the increasingly ridiculous and often hilarious sequels, set a standard in terms of sheer, nail-biting suspense that has rarely been equalled. That scene where the apparently slain Michael Myers sits up silently in the background unbeknown to an oblivious Jamie Lee Curtis who is doing that thing that only people in horror films do and hanging around after the seeming demise of the attacker so that said attacker can duly wake up and have another stab at it (literally). It might seem a bit of a cliche now but you have to remember that this stuff was a lot newer in 1978.

Halloween doesn’t bother with much in the way of character, plot or back-story. It’s just some bloke walking round a neighbourhood chopping up cute chicks. But its shown with such style and timing that, the first time you see it, you wish you’d put on incontinence pants, those ones with the reinforced gusset. Even the music (now legendary), composed by John Carpenter himself (that’s the second legend called John I’ve written about in as many weeks; it is a great name!) is perfect.

So if you’re looking for the perfect way to round off the 31st dig out that dvd of the original Halloween and just pretend you don’t know exactly when Michael Myers is going to appear in the background holding a bread knife. I would love to be proved wrong of course so if you have any suggestions of the definitive Halloween night film to watch please click on the Leave a Comment thing below and I’ll give it a try.

14 thoughts on “It’s that time again……..

  1. Hey.. since you wanted a comment to prove we read this.. here you go.. 🙂

    actually the scariest movie I ever saw was Alien. It isn’t a Halloween movie but that dang thing was Bad Butt.


    1. I completely agree about Alien. Ridley Scott has said that he made that film as basically a hounted house story in space. I love that film even though the alien bursting out of John Hurt’s chest scene looks quite dated now. The suspense is sky high in Alien (unlike the sequels) and thats what I like. Hope you’ll keep reading my blog.


  2. I know most people hated Halloween 3, the non-Michael Myers movie, but I liked it. The Shining remains the creepiest haunt in my mind, however.


    1. I think horror films are the same as any other genre in that there’s a lot of rubbish but occasionally you get something really special. Usually the good ones avoid the problem that you referred to ie- predictability. If you try one from a respected director such as Stanley Kubrick or Ridley Scott you may be surprised. Thanks for reading the blog


  3. Horror movies tend to leave me psychologically damaged for life. Ever since I was a kid, Vincent Price movies always left me waking up in the middle of the night from nightmares. So I tend not to watch movies on halloween.

    Even Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video gave me the heebie jeebies.


  4. I haven’t seen many horror movies (something that I am remedying), but some of my favorites are Psycho and The Shining (though I think The Shining would’ve been a bit freakier if a normal looking fellow had played Jack Torrance. Nicholson just freaks me out no matter what his role).
    I’ll have to watch Halloween.


  5. Psycho and The Shining are two of the best. I agree about Jack Nicholson and interestingly Stephen King himself also had similar opinions in that he thought the character of Jack Torrance seemed pretty much crazy from the start and some of the arc of the original story was loct. Great to hear from you again. Hope you’ll continue to read the blog; I always enjoy yours.


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