What do you hate most about where you live?

I really envy people who have a home town to be proud of. New York for example; who can blame Woody Allen for banging on about how wonderful it is in every film he makes? I come from Halton which is an amalgamation of two towns, Runcorn and Widnes, each one located on opposite sides of the River Mersey in North West England. I was born and raised in Runcorn but have also lived in Widnes. There are some really nice parts of Halton of course but one feature which you notice the moment you enter this borough is the one shown on the photo above.

It is a huge, vast, monumental,  scrap yard made up from bits of old cars, corrugated iron, and just about every other kind of scrap metal you can think of. It is the biggest eyesore you could possibly imagine. Its breath-taking size beggars belief. The stuff at the centre of this thing must have been put there in about 1953! There could be entire subterranean tribes living inside it!

And what possible use could it be? Evidently there’s no use that the scrap can be put to because the pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Apparently the local council have repeatedly tried to force the owner to remove this gigantic monstrosity but he stubbornly refuses. So this thing remains the first impression all visitors get of my home. Because Halton isn’t that big of a place, this enormous mountain dominates the landscape in every direction. How the hell they ever manage to put any new scrap on top of it is beyond me because no-one can reach the summit! The slogan that the local authority has attached to the borough in its marketing is ‘It’s all happening in Halton’ but I think this should be changed to ‘Halton – the biggest pile of crap you’ll ever see’.

Do you feel proud of your home town? If not, what do you hate most about it? Your answers might help make me feel better about the place where I live. Leave a comment in the box below or email me at jonkenna69@gmail.com

There is one redeeming feature of this whopping great carbuncle… its just about visible on my photo if you look carefully. In a bold move, someone has managed to scale the North face of Crap Mountain and stuck a little England flag into the highest peak. Makes you proud doesn’t it? No.


4 thoughts on “What do you hate most about where you live?

  1. Ha, ha, hilarious. Apparently, the owner is waiting for the value of scrap to go up then he’s gonna sell. Someone told me he’ll be a millionaire when he does!!!???


  2. Not exactly a selling point for your local tourism board.
    My gripe about local ugliness would be the stores and other buildings that sit, just like your metal mountain, abandoned and empty for years. I do mean Years. There was an old house just at the edge of the city that had been converted to a backpackers hostel way back when; I think it’s finally been torn down. That’s after being shut down somewhere around 1992 or 93. No joke. Someone was prepared to pay council rates and let it rot for all that time.

    There’s a couple of old stores down the street from home that have been waiting for new occupants/conversion to housing/a lightning strike for almost as long. One of them still has the signs up of the hairdressers which moved three doors up the street. After a decade.


  3. Ah you see Mr Kenna, your veiwing this all wrong. Halton or should i say Widnes and Runcorn were developed purely for industry, and I kind of think this gigantasaurous of a metal mountain is a fitting tribute! A bit like the angel of the north :-/ I see it quite artistic…. Minus the england flag, which only went up for the world cup!

    The borough in all is quite beautiful i think, having travelled the country i have realised that everywhere is the same, and everyone dis-likes where they are. Sure we have a few choice characters, but they add to the town in an amusing way.

    As for NY, sure it has amazing architecture, and the hustle and bustle, but underneath the barneys and macys, the 5th avenue and the tourism…. Its just a grubby little place too.

    In short.. Your wrong, I am obviously correct 😉 quite being miserable and embrace all that halton has to offer…..shouldnt take too long!


    1. Ta for that, Vicky. Thing is, I actually enjoy being miserable and if I was happy about the place I live I’d be desperately miserable (and therefore happy…. miserable… happy… miserable… oh I dunno… let’s call the whole thing off!)

      Love the wall murals on your site by the way.


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