Formula 1 Fiasco

photo by Mark Anderton 2010

Thanks to Mr A for sending me this pic of his view of the current excitement at Silverstone. Is there something going on there to do with cars? Is it a giant boot sale? I don’t really follow motor racing. You picked up on that I suppose. I think some of the recent fuss surrounds a certain Mr Button who sounds like some kind of children’s TV character to me  (as was the similarly fabric-fastener themed Zippy).

From what I can pick up, there has been something wrong with Mr Button’s car. I can identify with this as things often go wrong with my own Renault Scenic Megane (or Migraine as the repair bloke calls it, ho ho!). If his car is anything like mine I would imagine Mr Button’s desperate situation at the Grand Prix has had something to do with Rich Tea biscuit crumbs getting lodged down the dashboard. It may also be a problem with too many 2 and 1 pence pieces rolling about in the little circular bits meant for cups. Or it could be petrol receipts from 2008 flying up and causing a distraction. Equally there may be a problem with a Galaxy which has melted inside its wrapper and begun to seep across the fascia. I have regularly called out breakdown recovery services over these faults. Outrageously I am often treated with derision on these occasions. One mechanic even tried to press his thumbs into my eyes (they were oily too!). All because I called him out on a simple job at 3.30am. I suppose he just wasn’t a morning person but even so…

Anyway, despite not understanding the fascination I hope my mate Mr A has a great time at Silverstone. I may pop down there at some point so watch out for me in the vehicle pictured below.

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