Night Terrors

Here is Alice doing her Bionic Woman impression near our house. She’s almost     three and so loves having her photo taken. My other equally gorgeous daughter Hannah is fourteen and prefers me not to post photos of her  in case it   jeopardises her cool (its hard being a teen!). Alice is an angel in so  many ways (and a little devil in a few other ways).

She has suffered with something called night terrors which involves her sitting up in bed, screaming and seeming really distressed but not actually waking up. In the morning she never remembers a thing about it but its pretty devastating for parents, I can tell you. It seems to be reducing in frequency and severity now so that’s good.


2 thoughts on “Night Terrors

  1. i was exactly the same when i was a teenager. i didn’t want people to take photos of me. now i regret that i don’t have many photos of me when i was that age.

    those night terrors sound terrible. hope your little one will stop having them soon!


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