Just got back from a few days in Wales. The pics are of where we were staying; a caravan site in Portmadog. Its very close to Portmeirion where they shot The Prisoner but am really frustrated because we were so busy we didn’t get chance to go there!! Little Alice (age nearly 3) loved playing outside the caravan and made friends with Sam, Henry, Oscar, a 10-year-old Doctor Who (with a proper sonic screwdriver that actually did sound effects!) and a 4-year-oldBatman (who Alice insisted on calling Blackman).

6 thoughts on “Wales

  1. Are you hearing
    Na na na na na na na na
    Na na na na na na na na
    around the house yet?

    Don’t worry, catch the problem early and little Alice won’t show a trace of this aberration in a year or two.

    Probably just as well you didn’t make it to Portmeirion. I dread to think what she might have called Number Six.


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