The Ravages of Time

These two photos are of the same man. Richard O’Sullivan was once a major star of British television. He was seen as funny, charismatic and talented. Now the worst thing that can happen to anyone has happened to him. He has come to look like my dad. Of course, for all we know he may well still be funny, charismatic and talented but we wouldn’t know because he’s no longer on screen. He’s been shelved as part of the same culture that dictates that Doctor Who has got to look like he’s nine years old. When that character first appeared in the early Sixties he looked more like ninety than nine! And we’re painting ourselves into a corner because we’re all headed down the same path of old age (all except Paul McCartney obviously). Am I going to get the boot from my job when I lose my hair and start wearing tracksuit bottoms with shoes? (they are exceptionally comfortable, you know!).I suppose what I’m saying is lets have Richard O’Sullivan for the next Doctor Who. Or if he’s too busy buying Sterident to take the role…. my dad’s available.

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