I wait until its dark before I go running

Took this photo when I was out running the other night. I wait until its this dark before I go running to avoid people seeing me turning to a deep crimson colour and gasping for breath like goldfish lying on a patio. Trouble is, its so dark that its scary and, with every rustle from the bushes, I jump several feet in the air and shout “yeeearrrroghhh!” Why is exercise so hard? Some people get addicted to it apparently. Surely you get addicted things that are pleasant like alcohol or lying down.


5 thoughts on “I wait until its dark before I go running

  1. What a great idea. Use my talents to my advantage. Unfortunately the ghost train industry in my area is virtually non-existent. You know any jobs which use my other great talents; lying down and staring into space? Politician maybe?


  2. Mattress tester? As for the second, have you got Neighbourhood Watch? Start UFO Watch instead.
    “That’s right Mrs Purvis, I’m watching for fleets of UFOs stuffed with predatory aliens. Just leave the money on the table – what, only a fiver?”


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